SheShamans is wonderful because we all make it so! Though a small number of people create the concept and set it up, many more people participate to make everything lovely and inspiring.

Give your gift! Volunteer!

Every person is asked to make a contribution of their time and presence in one or more of the following tasks:

Be a Fire Keeper: Build, maintain and contain one of the fire circles Friday and Saturday night. Extinguish fires not in approved areas, including smoking.

Be an Earth Keeper: Cruise the grounds being helpful, picking up MOOP, intercepting people without wristbands.

Be a Water Keeper: Keep an eye on safety in the pools.

Be an Angel : Give some time in Alchymia's Temple doing massage or whatever kind of healing thing you do.

Be a Creator or Restorer : arrive early Friday or stay late Sunday to build and then strike the set.

Be a Food Fairy: Help in Mountain Home's staff deal with this sudden influx of people! Also, ticket discounts available for 5 and 10 hour shifts in kitchen. Contact Diane for this opportunity.

Please indicate your choice on the note section of the shopping cart when you register.

Other spontaneous acts of kindness and beauty are also appreciated, of course, like offering a presentation on your topic, making altars and bursting into song, but these we actually need to have covered. If   you do have something else to offer, contact .

SheShamans Staff Positions

Be on the onsite team. Arrive early Friday and plug in! Stay connected throughout the festival. Glory! Gratitude! Respect! Discounted staff ticket!

Site Manager : Position open to coordinate set-up on Thursday and Friday, take down on Sunday, and manage vendors and volunteers in-between.

Registration : Lynn McFarland will see you at check-in!

House manager : Elizabeth Fuller will be the mistress of the Meeting Hall.

Medic Mistress - If you have a medical background, this could be you!

Contact if you're interested in committing to these positions.


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