People of all genders are welcome at SheShamans.

Our new venue is the lovely family ranch, Mountain Home Ranch near Calistoga, California. Please visit their website

Easy to get to, easy to be there. Take the River Road/Mark West Springs Road exit off of Hwy 101 and go East until the road ends. Turn left and go one mile past the Petrified Forest. Turn left on Mountain Home Ranch Road and go to the end and you are there!

Lynn will greet you at registration and you will be shown where to park and where to sleep. There is ample camping space, limited indoor camping, and a number of interesting cabins and lodge rooms (the latter for an extra charge of $100 for shared room for Fri and Sat nights).

If you have decided to come, please register right away so we will know how many delicious meals we will need to feed this happy horde!

The schedule will change somewhat, and I'll be posting it on Tuesday, May 15, so stay tuned!

Bring your most wonder-full-filled self dressed in comfortable, beautiful, colorful clothes! Could be cool, could be hot, could be both in one day - layer like a rainbow!

Bring some mad money: Four artists and several artisans plus the presenters will have items for you to bring to the folks back home.

Bring your drums, rattles, your best shamanic ritual garb and magical tools!

Bring your yoga mat! Bring a flashlight, for sure!

If you're camping, indoors or out , bring your bedding and pad!

All weekend tickets include admission, indoor or outdoor camping and meals, including tea, coffee and munchies all day.

Semi-private, on-site indoor accommodations are available for $100, double occupancy, both nights only. Stay over Sunday night for an additional $50-$80. Contact for reservations.

PayPal or checks accepted - please contact for mailing info.

A full refund will be sent if SheShamans is cancelled for any reason.


One day tickets, including all access and all meals, available below and at the door: Friday $50; Saturday and Saturday night $200; Sunday $100

Low Income and non-residential: $325
This is for people who are not staying on site (please indicate so in the notes)...
...and for low income SheShamans. Please deeply consider whether you really need to buy the least expensive ticket. This is our break-even price and only 20 residential tickets will be sold at this price.

Regular Ticket $360
Includes indoor or outdoor camping, all admission, all meals.

Prosperous SheShaman ticket: $395
Your generosity in buying a Prosperous ticket will make it possible for a less financially blessed sister to come to SheShamans.

Friday Daytripper ticket $50
Satruday Day- and Night-tripper ticket $200
Sunday Daytripper ticket $100
Our great new location!