Keynote Address - Dr. Patricia Winters
Dr Winters will discuss the evolution of a contemporary shamanic subculture, including its historical underpinnings, and the healing implications of this development for society as a whole.

The Drum is My Ride – Shamanism in Mongoloa and Siberia - Marilyn Walker
Marilyn Walker will begin with a formal presentation that incorporates images and video from recent ethnographic research amongst shamanic peoples in Siberia and Mongolia, with an emphasis on women in shamanism. An experiential workshop follows in specific techniques you can use in your own practice to "open the way" into a state of heightened awareness. In a closing shamanic ritual, held after dark, we step through the veil into the spirit world.
Please bring drums, rattles, an eye curtain and your ritual dress.

Women Shamans: Ecstatics and Healers - Max Dashu
An inspirational journey through images: women as invokers, enchantresses, oracles and diviners, ecstatic dancers, shapeshifters, spirit-riders and sky-walkers, and priestesses of the ancestors.   Woman is by nature a shaman, says a Chukchee proverb from Siberia. Yet the female dimension of this spiritual realm has been systematically slighted, even though women have been at its forefront in countless cultures. Max takes us through a rich international terrain of medicine women and seeresses, prehistoric to contemporary, probably the most comprehensive visual record of female shamanic traditions. This is a rare opportunity to taste their wisdom, and to water your visionary dreamscape with spiritual riches.

Cultivating Our Allies & Rethinking Our Medicine Gardens For The Future - Jane Straight
What does the future look like in relation to access to the medicinals we currently use? Will they always be available? Change is inevitable and crops worldwide are suffering from extreme climate fluctuation. If any of the future predictions come to pass, we need to rethink what we have in our gardens now, to take inventory of what we are all growing and set up trading networks that enables us to rest assured that our families, friends and communities will have the nourishment necessary for body, mind and spirit. Jane will discuss the cultivation of precious plant allies and will bring oodles of juicy plant material to share. Come to the 'Living Altar' at the base of the old Fir tree.

Courting Death - Valerie Leveroni Corral
An overniew of the work of WAMM (Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana, For fourteen years WAMM has has served seriously ill members of their community with medical marijuana at no charge. It is the only collective of its kind in the nation. Hear of the journey of people facing critical illness and death as they rise to meet the obstacles. This is a story of the triumph of grace as we make our ultimate journey.
Our workshop will include developing language to meet the ever-developing ways we make this timeless journey.

Female Shamans around the World - Linda Rosa Corazon
We will explore the early roots of female shamanism from Siberia, then explore the work and lives of female shamans from Korea, Chile, Mexico and Native America. Visual images and audio will accompany the presentation. Learn about our shamanic sisters and their incredible healing methods around the world!

Natural Environments: Healing and Body-Mind Integration - Celestine Star
A talk on the therapeutic and healing aspects of entheogenic medicines taken in nature, as compared to current studies done in clinical settings. Slide show and open discussion after presentation.

Sheshamans of the Past Sixty Years - Cindy Palmer
With photos, readings and reminiscence, Cindy will introduce us to three generations of Western sheshamans, many of whom are or were her personal friends. Then she will invite us to share reflection on our own herstories.

Cross Generational Circle- Let's Talk! - Adele Getty et al
Rather than a lecture or workshop,this will be an opportunity for all of us to provide questions and answers. Rather than a panel we will have a Circle of veteran speakers who will answer questions. We will then move out into the outer circle and invite woman from the next generation to take the center and answer questions and speak.This will be an opportunity to learn from another, share what we know, touch some edges,and grow together.

108 Frustrations: Cruising Through the Buddhaverse Lou Montgomery
Back from pilgrimages to Buddhist holy places in Bhutan, Laos, and India, fledgling but earnest dharma practitioner Lou Montgomery comedically confronts the trickery of mind, squares off with the demons of ego self-clinging, and weaves an enchanting recap of her mind altering travels and high altitude dharma collisions. Caution: may include kerioki mantras.

Guided art tour and discussion - Max Dashu and Mariela de la Paz
Come and meet our resident visionary artists for a guided tour of several of their major pieces of visionary art hung in the Theater. Hear the stories behind the creative process, inspiration and purpose of their work.
Then gather for tea under the great tree to further the dialogue about visionary art, addressing such topics as shamanic practices as doorway to visionary art; shamanism and art as tribal record keeping; shamanic art as the artist the artist's priestesshood.

Pipe Ceremony - Angela Blessing
Participation in the ancient rite of pipesharing is profound in its power to unify, manifest, and heal. A Medicine Pipe, rich with universal and totemic symbology, acts as an amplifier and focalizer of prayerful intentionality. Smoking the Sacred Pipe in the Old Ways allows us a direct experience of Divinity and the Natural World as conscious, respectful participants in Creation. In this ceremony, individual participants will have the opportunity to offer prayers for their lives, for healing, for loved ones, and for the world, with the support and witnessing of all present, and then to consecrate by smoking the pipe. Private ceremony also possible upon request.

Alchymia's Temple - Micah Nissen
Alchymia is an allegorical character created by the ancient alchemists to express the feminine aspect of their work. As the Alchemical tradition developed, Alchymia became more than an allegory, developing into a Goddess whose image was depicted in countless texts and whose wisdom was sought and invoked by many in the Work.
Alchymia is the Goddess at the intersection of Nature and Art, bridging the natural and the created, the born and the made, and representing the best of the human and non-human worlds.
Alchymia's Temple at SheShamans will be a place to be safe and open to explore this intersection between ourselves and Nature. This space will be a sanctuary where all are welcome to relax, connect, and share as the spirit moves us. Music, art, poetry, and healing work are all welcome, as is conversation, fellowship, and silent meditation.


Masque Dance: Goddess Mysteries
Presented by Celestine Star and others TBA
Selina, a young acolyte, is given the sacred ayawasca drink which transforms her and opens the gates to the inner worlds. There she meets guides who appear and take her before the Goddesses of Creation. Come journey with Selina to receive the blessings of the Goddesses in the mystery of life.

Midnight Trance Journey - Suzanne Sterling (with DJ Jonniji)
A guided movement and sound meditation designed to take us on a exploration of Spirit embodied. Each of us will have an opportunity to connect with Deep Soul and to find new and creative ways to express the stories, songs and visions that we find in that connected and magical place. Come dance and sing yourself Awake!

Dancing and Dreaming with DJ Jonni-ji (Mystic Beat Lounge)


Flesh of the Gods - A special viewing of a documentary film about the sacred shamanic practices of the Mazatec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico. It highlights their sacred healing ceremonies, the impact of the modern world on indigenous cultures, the current battle for cognitive liberties, and the legal challenges facing cultures that use psychoactive substances in their rituals.
Filmmakers Gary Scozzafava and Arnie Battaglene will present their work and entertain questions and comments.

Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within - A feature length documentary which examines the re-emergence of archaic techniques of ecstacy in the modern world by weaving a synthesis of ecological and evolutionary awareness, electronic dance culture, and the current pharmacological re-evaluation of entheogenic compounds. Entheogen documents the emergence of techno-shamanism in the post-modern world and inquires: How can a renewal of ancient initiatory rites of passage alleviate our ecological crisis? What do trance dancing and festivals celebrating unbridled artistic expression speak to in our collective psyche? How do we re-invent ourselves in a disenchanted world from which God has long ago withdrawn?

Stan Grof, Marilyn Schlitz, Ralph Metzner, Alex Grey, Terrence McKenna, John Markoff, Daniel Pinchbeck, Kat Harrison, others, postulate how the disenchantment of the modern world may be remedied by summoning the courage to take the next leap in the evolution of planetary consciousness.

Hofmann's Potion - Discovered in 1943 by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, LSD was hailed as a powerful tool to treat alcoholism and drug addiction and to provide a window into mental illnesses. Pioneering research was done by Humphry Osmond, Abram Hoffer and Duncan Blewett in Saskatchewan. Others promoted the drug as a powerful tool for mental exploration and self-understanding.

Featuring thoughtful interviews with many LSD pioneers, beautiful music and stunning cinematography, it is an invitation to look at LSD - and our world - with a more open, compassionate mind.

Directed by Connie Littlefield
Produced by Kent Martin
2002 - 56 min 35 s









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